About us

The Bystro community center works as a living social organism where people can:

  • Organize and attend a wide range of cultural and social events (workshops, seminars, discussions, debates, concerts, exhibitions, …)
  • Share, give, take, borrow, repair, or simply use in the center a wide range of tools and objects (library of things, books, musical instruments, board games…)
  • Taste local and ecological drinks and food

Bystro is for …

… every human being regardless of sex, orientation, belief, race…
Everybody can organize events and participate in them.

However, Bystro members enjoy some benefits:

  • Lower contribution for snacks and drinks, and our events
  • Access to the Library of Things
  • The right to participate in Bystro’s decision making
  • Possibility to organize your own private event (on agreement)
  • Food and stuff for free during or as a result of special events

Price of the membership is voluntary, with a minimum of 12€/year, average is 20€, and very nice is 30€ or more. Get registered upon arrival.


  • To recreate sense of community
  • To strengthen the local economy and promote local productions
  • To offer a space to slow down, reflect on our role in the world and reconsider what a desirable life is in a world that places new technologies and rapidity as non-questionable progress.
  • To offer space to share, exchange, discuss and cooperate in a world that is more and more about individualism and competition.
  • To offer space for repairing, reusing, and mutually using tools and objects in a world that suffers from overproduction, overconsumption, and materialism.