In August, Bystro is open only during events.
This summer, Jam Session every other Wednesday from 18:00 to 00:00.

We will appreciate any initiative to organise workshops, lectures, discussions, concerts, meetings or any other events.
If you want to share or organise anything, contact us.
It is also possible to organise private events – after mutual agreement.
We prefer topics related to ecology, self-development, culture and degrowth economy. We are also open to discuss politics but we never support any political party – that is one the purposes Bystro cannot be used for.
Capacity of our space is 35-40 people.

When attending an event, you do not have to pay the membership fee.

However, our members get many benefits:

• Snacks and admission to events for lower prices.
• Access to our library of things.
• The right to discuss the future of Bystro.
• The possibility to organise a private event here (after mutual agreement).
• Food and things for free at special events.

The suggested fee is 20€/year. It is, of course, possible to pay more but 12€ is the minimum.

Get registered right at Bystro.