Our offer

We offer what you decide to have in Bystro.
Bystro is community, Bystro is really yours to play with.
Until you come to us with your good ideas and suggestions, so far we propose:

Library of Things


Committed „Stop Ads“ Sticker for postbox (0.50 €/ pc)
Magazine „ Doma v záhrade“ (voluntary contribution)
Bags for pastry or vegetables (sewed from old curtains in Bystro) (2-3 €/ pc)
Revue Flash Art (5,50 €/ pc)
Envelopes (for free, different sizes)
Seeds (free or voluntary contribution, wide selection)

Board games

Why did we stop playing when we grew up? Come play with us!
So far, we have:

  • Citadela
  • Exploding Kittens
  • Story Cubes
  • Ligretto
  • Poznaš Bratislavu
  • SmallWorld
  • Goblini
  • Drači Srdce
  • Scrabble + KrisKros
  • Logic
  • Bang!
  • Vysoké Napěti
  • A iné …

All our games come with rules in Czech or Slovak, and English.

Drinks and Snacks

  • Healthy Herbal Teas
  • Good Old Melta
  • Bio and Fairtrade Coffee
  • Slovak (homemade) syrups
  • Honest apple cider from old varieties
  • White / Pink / Red wine from the local wine maker
  • Good beer and homebrewed beer by PánJán
  • Local Cider
  • Chips, dried fruits

More drinks according to availability and season.

Download recommended contributions here.

All our products are local (except coffee) and organic. More details in Bystro.

Members have a reduced fee for the refreshments.