About us

The Bystro community center works as a living social organism where people can:

  • Organize and attend a wide range of cultural and social events (workshops, seminars, discussions, debates, concerts, exhibitions, …)
  • Share, give, take, borrow, repair, or simply use in the center a wide range of tools and objects (library of things, books, musical instruments, board games…)
  • Taste local and ecological drinks and food

Bystro is for (membership)

Every human being regardless of sex, orientation, belief, race…
Everybody can organize events and participate in them.

However, Bystro members enjoy some benefits:

  • Lower contribution for snacks and drinks, and our events
  • Access to the Library of Things
  • The right to participate in Bystro’s decision making
  • Possibility to organize your own private event (on agreement)
  • Food and stuff for free during or as a result of special events

Price of the membership is voluntary, with a minimum of 12€/year, average is 20€, and very nice is 30€ or more. Get registered upon arrival.


  • To recreate sense of community
  • To strengthen the local economy and promote local productions
  • To offer a space to slow down, reflect on our role in the world and reconsider what a desirable life is in a world that places new technologies and rapidity as non-questionable progress.
  • To offer space to share, exchange, discuss and cooperate in a world that is more and more about individualism and competition.
  • To offer space for repairing, reusing, and mutually using tools and objects in a world that suffers from overproduction, overconsumption, and materialism.

They talk about us

KC Bystro is a place that does not stand on one leader. There is a rather large opinion-mature group of people here. They prepare diverse and highly valuable activities for themselves and the public. They combine the adoption of culture with its creation, global problems with their solutions at the level of developing community skills. Community centers are great of importance in today’s society. It is not just the program they offer. They help us to create deeper relationships and trust in society, in an environment that is more anonymous and seemingly less dependent on mutual relationships and help. Community center Bystro belongs to the center. Here it has a chance to reach the largest number of people and fulfill its program. It is part of a modern city. By moving it to the periphery, Bratislava would lose one of its authentic and especially valuable parts.
Bruno Jakubec, ecologist, landscaper, lecturer at the Technical University in Zvolen

KC Bystro should stay in the center, because it is a unique place, strengthening community development and the genius loci of the city of Bratislava, in contrast to the superficial culture of fast food and pubs in the historic center. KC Bystro is a diverse place, giving you the opportunity to meet non-mainstream events that are city-forming for the city.
Tomáš Peciar, Cyklokoalícia

Old city needs KC Bystro. It is a unique place where people can experience extraordinary meetings within a topic of their interest.
For me, it was a great experience to have a workshop in Bystro and have people to be so close to each other. I had a feeling it was so personal that it influenced all of us. And that does not happen to me often.
In the old town, there is a need to develop a community and cities with a shared economy that unities the community. And Bystro is just that kind of place.
Ivana Maleš, Institute of Circular Economy

Throughout its lifetime, the community center Bystro has created a marvelous open space to discuss many of the issues that are moving our world today. Along with other people around, it is a living organism which through all its activities seeks to think how to live more responsibly, more community, more consciously- what we need, not just in subject of eating, as salt!
Petra Molnárová and Monika Svetlíková, Slow Food Pressburg