What is Degrowth?

This page is dedicated to degrowth, a thought that laid the foundation to Bystro.
Degrowth (Décroissance in French) has more aspects: it is a philosophy, political ecology, ecological movement and economic theory which includes the limitations of biosphere into economics.

Degrowth is also a radical critic of capitalism, technological progress, and the ideology of (sustainable) development.

We can shortly define degrowth as: “an equitable down-scaling of production and consumption that increases human well-being and enhances ecological conditions at the local and global level, in the short and long term“ (François Schneider, 2010)

1. Introduction, story and definition of degrowth

2. Degrowth: Vision of sustainable societies

3. Scientific evidence against green growth

4. Energy, equity, and democracy

5. The negative influence of the car industry

6. The entropy law and the impossibility of growth

More about degrowth:

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