Overview of 2017

Bystro stands on the values and people who make it. It is based on the relationship to ecology, community functioning, or openness to diversity, and above all the common fight against materialism. This focus can be felt and seen in our daily functioning and also in various events that have taken place here.


Since we care about where does everything that we offer in Bystro come from, you can buy products from Slovak producers (except for the coffee) at our self-service bar during various events or during regular days. Part of the community center is the Library of Things which is a place of sharing and a practical way how to reduce consumption, as many things you can borrow here. In addition, we place emphasis on minimizing and separating waste and part of this year, you could use a vermicompost (it was truly lively there!).

During specific workshops and discussions, we have inspired each other, what we could change in our lives and homes to live better. Whether it was an event with Ivan Maleš regarding waste, or cycling by Cyklokoalícia or even exchanging eco tips in our households.

Repair, Recycle and Create

As part of the workshops, we practically tried how to make our own toothpaste, gel for washing, edible Christmas gifts in order to minimize our consumption, since many of the things we do not have to purchase, because we are capable of making them.

As part of the upcycling, we made wallets out of bicycle inner tube, containers from PET bottles and regularly we sewed pockets for vegetables and fruit from old curtains.

Be interested in Community

Bystro is open to diversity and tries to support people in need. That is the reason, why we spent a common evening and got to know better the people from the community center Mareena. In our courtyard, we run Zdarmáreň or regular bazaars- people could bring any of their unwanted items that could be useful for someone else. During cold evenings, we tried to make it more pleasant for people around us by serving warm mead.

As part of numerous socio political discussions, we were thinking about various topics that bother us. For example, how to live sustainably, we looked at the issue of exploitation of natural resources and we discussed whether technology can save us or destroy us.

Slow down

It also lived during various cultural events in Bystro- regularly organized board games, movies e.g. from a festival Jeden svet, number of concerts and parties which made our bodies move, beer yoga, meditations, foodsharing, grill parties and discussions during our common evenings, mostly spent on couches. Those were the moments when we reminded ourselves that: „We perceive life better when we live slowlier.“

Thank you for being with us and for making Bystro as it is!

We would like to give special thanks to all volunteers, whether they helped us once or regularly throughout this year.

Without them, we could hardly achieve anything.